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AYT Edinburgh Fringe 2015: The Pursuit Of Crappiness

AYT Edinburgh Fringe 2015: The Pursuit Of Crappiness

Originally published on A Younger Theatre

Awarded 2 stars

Sometimes you have to relish in life’s slip-ups, make light of the bad situations and turn the depressing points of life into positives. In an hour’s lecture of how “crappiness is happiness”, Moj Taylor brings his own brand of positive realism to an intimate audience. A self-confessed North Korean Jesus look-alike, Taylor exudes brash confidence and hits the audience with an intense set of questions right from the start. The whole set feels a bit like a lecture around social convention and the public’s moral compass. Taylor highlights how social media and corporate greed has reduced the value of customer service, how his research into the concept of ‘crappiness’ is worthy of merit and how a typical life can be summarised by a series of these moments. Despite presenting a case to the contrary, you can’t help but feel that this a show about schadenfreude: Taylor finishes with an example of others laughing at his misfortune, but all in all the routine focuses on situations in which he can pick out the flaws in the rest of the world.
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