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AYT Brighton Fringe 2016: 1 In 3

AYT Brighton Fringe 2016: 1 In 3

Originally published on A Younger Theatre

Awarded 3 stars

It’s just nature; it’s just biology; yet it affects so many lives – 1 in 3, in fact. Jeff (David Keogh) and Jasmine (Alice Merivale) are two such individuals. They sit together sharing a room, an appointment for chemotherapy and their emotions. Friendly nurse Sam (Emily-Jane Ashford) is on hand with a warm smile, a cup of tea and a shoulder to cry on. Dr Hall (Laura Ellis) pops in occasionally to break bad news in a stilted and impersonal manner. But ultimately it’s a story of the two sufferers coming to terms with their uncertain futures. Anthony Orme writes and directs a play that remembers the people behind the illness.
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