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AYT Review: The Open Couple

AYT Review: The Open Couple

Also published on A Younger Theatre

Here we have a squabbling couple, going through marital difficulties. The premise for Dario Fo’s The Open Couple may seem fairly typical for a play, but the solution in this case is somewhat different. Alan Ayckbourn, this is not. Matter of fact funny, Rebecca Crankshaw and Pete Picton are in a constant battle of melodrama – Crankshaw decides to kill herself by overdosing on Skittles (they resemble pills), shoot herself with a hairdryer (it resembles a gun) and jump to her death standing on a chair (it resembles a window). Picton is having several affairs, a midlife crisis without needing any blue pills to bolster his libido. The solution, an open marriage that ends up giving Crankshaw her confidence back and reducing Picton to the snivelling worm he is.

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