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AYT Brighton Fringe 2016: Code Of Conduct

AYT Brighton Fringe 2016: Code Of Conduct

Originally published on A Younger Theatre

Awarded 3 1/2 stars

A warm orange spotlight is all that illuminates the actors as they sit upstage. A low, constant background hum from the live guitar is present from the start. Plucked strings, slides and percussive slapping act as the heartbeat for Code of Conduct, dictating pace and tension and adding pathos in poignant passages. Nick Webb’s composition and performance serve to complement Sean McLevy’s direction, in a clever collaboration between production members – throughout the play there is a sense of gentle unease, an undercurrent of trouble that keeps the audience engaged and a little on edge. They are subconsciously in tune with the central unhinged character Adam (Donovan Imber) before the plot even unfolds.
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