Edinburgh Review: Pulled

Edinburgh Review: Pulled

This is a show about the morning after the night before – two hungover women, worrying about who they slept with and desperate for pizza. It’s also a show about social media, public image and how your popularity directly impacts your behaviour. Pulled aims to unashamedly highlight binge culture, ladies going out and enjoying themselves without the associated stigmas. But it’s pithy at best, large portions of narrative that go nowhere fast and a set of observations that are already a bit dated. Binge culture has been around since the 90s and the social media angle adds nothing impactful to this story.

Amanda (Niamh Moroney) and Michelle (Andrea Bolger) are superficial and crass, playing on the blonde bimbo stereotype for laughs. The material in Pulled has potential, but the delivery is sub-par. There is no flow to this production – it feels constantly stopping and stalling as if the two girls are trying to remember the next line or process their characters’ motivations to figure out the next move.

Nothing is private anymore – there are camera selfies, Instagram pictures and Snapchats to document your every movement in case you drink too much and forget. Or the drunken Whatsapp message that you have to try and retract the morning after. The commentary around the dangers associated with this are an interesting angle to add to the show, except that they are glanced over and then forgotten about. We as the audience play the social media followers and disengage rapidly from the action on stage.

Comments about internet security are thrown away without considering their importance in the narrative – this script misses out on exploring so many more interesting avenues in favour of a cheap comedic spoof. There is discussion about contraception and the responsibilities of the morning after pill, but even this is tackled in a lacklustre fashion, an educational pastiche that only serves to highlight the ignorance of the characters.

Pulled ends without warning, but not without relief. This show lacks gravitas and direction in far too many areas, a shadow of the production that it could be.


Pulled played C Royale as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017 until 28 August 2017. For more information, please visit the website.