News: Cast announced for Sid and Viv

News: Cast announced for Sid and Viv

Charlie Hardwick and Patrick Driver have been announced as the leads in Philip Correia’s exciting, edgy new production Sid and Viv.

They will be joined by Aimee Kelly, Joe Blakemore, Ryan Nolan and Sarah Balfour.

Everyone says Sid and Viv’s house is dangerous, weird and a bit freaky. So why does Dunney think it feels so much like home? Dunney is a young lad who doesn’t fit in and to make matters worse he lives in Blyth, Northumberland, voted ‘the second worse town to live in Britain 1992’. His school, the police, even his parents don’t want him. Nobody does. That is until he meets Sid and Viv. Sid and Viv are pensioners who don’t act their age. They introduce Dunney to a side of life he’s never seen before. Their house has a secret code, a left-wing dog and a 6ft python. Unbeknownst to Dunney, joining the apparently secretive gang at Sid and Viv’s house has consequences he could never have imagined.

Sid and Viv is a story about lost kids and coming of age in an uncertain world – one of post truth, ethical uncertainty, ‘broken’ families and impending war. This electrifying play premieres at Theatre503 in London before transferring to Northern Stage in Newcastle in October. Producers NorthSEE Theatre create cutting edge productions which provide opportunities for the best in new and established regional talent. Playwright Correia comments:

“We’ve gotten so accustomed to the message of division in the U.K. we’ve forgotten how to imagine. We can change the message through inclusion. That’s the story of Sid and Viv. This play is about community. It’s about inclusion and laughter and people. Arts participation in the North East is around 31%. This is a play to change that. Our cast our North Eastern. We’re showcasing them in London and then taking them back home.”


Sid and Viv plays Theatre503 from 30 August – 30 September 2017. For more information or to buy tickets, please visit the website.


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