News: The Community – A dystopian dark comedy at Camden Fringe 2017

News: The Community – A dystopian dark comedy at Camden Fringe 2017

Welcome to The Community, a vast underground society populated by the last one thousand humans on earth.

The surface has been reduced to an irradiated wasteland and these poor souls are confined to a harsh underground life in order to escape it. It is a brutal and unforgiving place where freedom of thought has been eradicated, mandatory euthanasia is a normal part of life and birthday cakes are strictly prohibited. In spite of these challenges humanity endures, clinging to the faded hope that one day they may see the surface of the world that their ancestors were forced to abandon.

Gaël van den Bossche’s new dark comedy explores the lives and struggles of the people who live in this bleak state. How much must we sacrifice in the name of survival and when does it stop being worth it? How can we continue in the face of the meaninglessness and absurdity of our existence? Does thinking about it only make it worse?

An extract of The Community was performed last year at the Southwark Playhouse as part of Velvet Trumpet’s evening of short comedy plays, Soggy Brass. This is Bossche’s debut show at the Camden Fringe.


The Community plays the Lion and Unicorn as part of Camden Festival Fringe from 1 – 5 August 2017. For more information or to book tickets, please visit the website.