News: Tom and Bunny Save the World on their way to the Edinburgh Fringe

News: Tom and Bunny Save the World on their way to the Edinburgh Fringe

As 2018 falls to a zombie apocalypse and London grinds to a halt, Tom and Bunny begin their perilous journey to Yorkshire in quest of sanctuary and a reasonably priced pint. A zombie epic for our time, defying gender stereotypes and joining black comedy with a live folk soundtrack, join Tom and Bunny as they discover what it is to be British in a crisis.

Whilst at its heart a comedy, Tom and Bunny Save the World makes serious political comment. From stating that other countries can’t just leave the zombie-ridden UK to its own devices (a reference to the world’s continuing refugee crisis), to placing women in the sorts of roles which are usually dominated by men, Fat Rascal Theatre use the popular zombie concept to introduce a new audience to political theatre.

Fat Rascal Theatre is an award-winning theatre company, and currently part of the New Diorama Graduate Emerging Companies scheme. They are young, bold and cheeky, exploring taboo subjects with a cup of Yorkshire Tea in hand. They discuss social and political issues through an accessible and appealing format to engage a wider audience. They want to create incredibly entertaining, dynamic and gripping theatre which people are going to want to see for fun, and want them to leave having had a great time but also feeling ready to take on the world. They believe that theatre should always aim to inspire, educate or liberate and should be available to everybody.

The cast of Tom and Bunny Save The World includes Jamie Mawson, Robyn Grant, Jonny Holbek, Allie Munro, Rosie Raven and Luke Dunford. Cat Robey directs Robyn Grant’s script, with music by Jonny Holbek.


Tom and Bunny Save the World plays Assembly George Square Theatre from 3 – 28 August 2017. For more information or to book tickets, please visit the website.