News: ISHQ celebrates 70 Years of Pakistani Independence

News: ISHQ celebrates 70 Years of Pakistani Independence

This September will see the UK premiere of brand new Sufi musical, ISHQ, which will be performed in English at Sadler’s Wells to mark 70 years of Pakistan’s independence.

Originally penned more than 600 years ago by the immortal Sufi Saint Waris Shah, ISHQ will feature specially commissioned music and choreography from across Pakistan and the UK. This is the love story that shook a patriarchal society, putting the empowerment of women centre stage.

ISHQ tells the tale of two lovers and their feuding families and holds the same place in Punjabi literature as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. This exciting musical spectacle will feature a combination of classical and modern dance with a unique blend of poetry and fusion music.

Set against the spectacular backdrop of the Punjab, ISHQ is a collaboration between Pakistani and British artists which will celebrate unity, diversity and Pakistani culture within the UK. Director Farooq Beg says:

“This musical is not just a romance but is a co-creation of Eastern and Western talent to create new sounds and moves, something that so symbolises Britain of today.”

70th Anniversary of Pakistan’s Independence

In 1947 Pakistan was carved out of undivided India under British rule. The country has since emerged as a dynamic young nation and this year celebrates 70 years of independence and Pakistan-UK relations. To commemorate this, ISHQ will celebrate the rich and diverse heritage and culture of Pakistan.


ISHQ plays Sadler’s Wells from 7 – 9 September 2017. For more information or to book tickets, please visit the website.