News: Miss Polly Rae goes Between The Sheets at the Purple Cow

News: Miss Polly Rae goes Between The Sheets at the Purple Cow

Contemporary burlesque cabaret extravaganza, Between The Sheets, has announced an exciting summer season at London’s Underbelly Festival, taking place from Thursday 15 June 2017 until the end of September on London’s Southbank.

Between The Sheets is a thrill-seekers paradise; a tantalising display of late-night cabaret acts performed by an exceptional troupe, hand-picked from the worlds of contemporary burlesque, circus and dance. In the true spirit of burlesque, this titillating modern revue features an array of sensational acts and hilarious performances. Sparkling with comic naughtiness, Between The Sheets blends side-tickling comedy with gasp-inducing spectacle, in one high-energy and distinctly modern variety show.

Between The Sheets showcases the inimitable and enviable gifts of burlesque superstar Miss Polly Rae. Talented performer, chanteuse, compere and producer, Miss Polly Rae is famed for bringing burlesque to London’s West End in The Hurly Burly Show before continuing her reign at London’s iconic Hippodrome Casino with the Soho Burlesque Club. Miss Polly Rae has become internationally renowned for her unique style of striptease and song, and this summer she will present a new season of her show, Between The Sheets, to the awe-inspired spectators on London’s Southbank.

This visually stunning, hilarious and risqué romp was dreamt up by a highly creative team: Director Laura Corcoran and Art Director Klare ‘Yaya’ Wilkinson alongside Polly herself.

For this year’s updated show, Polly is joined by an impressive cast including Beau Rocks, Duo Visage, Lilly Snatchdragon, Tom Cunningham and Myles Brown, as well as the company’s founding member and international wild-child of burlesque, Kitty Bang Bang.


Between The Sheets comes to Underbelly Festival Southbank on selected dates from 15 June – 29 Sept 2017. For more information or to book tickets, please visit the website.