News: AI Love You – Choose you own Story at TheatreN16

News: AI Love You – Choose you own Story at TheatreN16

Heart to Heart Theatre present an exciting theatrical experiment: a “choose your own story” exploration of the developing boundaries between humans and artificial intelligence which lets you decide – could the will of a robot ever override the will of a man?

Meet Adam and April: a regular twenty something couple who enjoy socialising, going to the gym and bingeing on Netflix. Adam doesn’t always do his share of the dishes, and April sings country songs that annoy Adam in the shower. They’re not perfect, but they were blissfully generic until April’s body started shutting down. They have gone from building dreams of a future to arguing about how long April should live hopelessly before meeting her maker – a corporation who bring their story to your attention.

Now, as April’s demise hangs heavy in the air between them, you are invited to explore with them what it was that made them so perfectly average; and given a powerful vote to decide whether she should be allowed to die before Adam is ready to say goodbye.

AI Love You is an interactive show by Heart to Heart Theatre which discusses the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence. Casting the audience as an ‘Ethical Steering Committee’ for a corporation who are striving ahead in the AI field, they decide the fate of the characters, and make heart-breaking decisions about their lives that linger long after the lights have gone up.

AI Love You stars Peter Dewhurst and Eve Ponsonby, writter by Melanie Anne Ball and directed by Joe Ball.


AI Love You plays Theatre N16 from 14 – 24 June 2017. For more information or to book tickets, please visit the website.