News: The Cloakroom Attendant at the Canal Cafe Theatre

News: The Cloakroom Attendant at the Canal Cafe Theatre

Dimitra Barla brings the debut performance of The Cloakroom Attendant to Canal Cafe Theatre in June.

The cloakroom attendant of a national museum invites the audience in a journey to the secrets of her profession, which is no other than the study of human nature. By opening the gates of the sacred temple which is the museum, artefacts come to life and visitors take mythical dimensions. Condemned lovers, an unfortunate queen and a young painter help the cloakroom attendant in her pursuit of happiness in a world filled with the beauty of art and the ugliness of war.

The Cloakroom Attendant is a witty and poetic one-woman show, written and performed by Dimitra Barla. The world of the woman behind the cloakroom counter is a mixture of reality, imagination and aspirations. The plot is three-folded comprising of stories from the attendant’s daily routine in the cloakroom, fictional stories inspired by artefacts and insights into visitors to the museum.


The Cloakroom Attendant plays the Canel Cafe Theatre from 2 -3 June. For more information or to book tickets, please visit the website.