News: Three Worlds, Live Dramatic Improvisation in Kentish Town

News: Three Worlds, Live Dramatic Improvisation in Kentish Town

After a sell out show for the second year running at ImproFest London, the actors of The Three Worlds Project will begin their third season of performances at The Pineapple Pub in Kentish Town.

Three Worlds are a group of actors working with director Andy St John to create a contemporary  improvised drama. Andy has been working in dramatic improvisation for twenty years, with the community theatre company Tellers Theatre and more recently Melting Pot and Fluxx.

The show itself uses six actors and a drum. At the beginning we talk with the audience. Then the drum is played. The actors create stories and scenes, monologues and images drawing both on the suggestions of the audience and our own inspirations. Over the course of the performance and with the input of the audience the different narrative threads develop, connect, collide and intertwine to create a rich dramatic tapestry.


Three Worlds plays The Pineapple Pub, Kentish Town on selected evenings until 16 July. For more information or to book tickets, please see the website.