News: Lonely Planet launches its UK premiere

News: Lonely Planet launches its UK premiere

Lonely Planet, one of Steven Dietz’s most widely performed works, receives its UK premiere at the Tabard Theatre this summer.

It’s the 1980’s in an unknown American city. There is no internet and mobile phones are a rarity, sharing information and knowledge is near impossible. It’s dark, and communication is hard. A poster appears at a local store, it’s a photo of a person’s torso with lesions all over. It’s an unknown condition that spreads quickly.

Lonely Planet focuses on the friendship between Jody, a cautious and thoughtful man who insulates himself in the map store he owns; and Carl, a frequent visitor to the store with an unusually vivid imagination and multiple, ever-changing occupations. Carl notices Jody has been isolating himself from the world and starts bringing chairs into his shop to convince him to confront the fears which prevent him from leaving his store. The play shows an individual’s struggle to come to terms with illness, their own mortality and the stigma associated with AIDS.

Recipient of the PEN U.S.A. Award in Drama, Lonely Planet originally premiered in Northlight Theatre, Illinois in 1993. This production marks its UK premiere from award-winning playwright Steven Dietz, recently placed eighth on the list of the Top Ten Most Produced Playwrights in America, equal to Edward Albee and Tennessee Williams.

Lonely Planet is directed by Ian Brown, with Nik Corrall’s set & costume design, Will Scarnells’ lighting design and Peter West’s sound design. The cast includes Alexander McMorran and Aaron Vodovoz.


Lonely Planet  plays Tabard Theatre from 27 June – 15 July. For more information or to book tickets, please visit the website.