Images: Punts In-Rehearsal

Images: Punts In-Rehearsal

Punts, a hilarious and moving new play by Sarah Page about a young man’s sexual awakening and its effect on those who orchestrated it, comes to Theatre503 this month. For more information, see the accompanying news article.

The show investigates the tensions of familial love, the excitement generated by erotic attachment, the jealousy of finding yourself loved less than another and the paradox of wanting to look after those you love while also wanting them to be free. The production was selected from over 1,200 entries as a finalist for the international Nick Darke Writers’ Award 2016. Page comments:

“In researching Punts I interviewed a number of prostitutes, ranging from women on the streets, those employed in Soho walk-ups, to a retired dominatrix who used to earn an annual income higher than our Prime Minister. All of the women had, at some point in their career, worked with clients with disabilities. This production explores the question of whether sex is a human right – which should be accessible to all, whether disabled or able bodied.”

Punts plays Theatre503 on 31 May – 24 June. For more information or to book tickets, please visit the website.

See below for some rehearsal images courtesy of Claudia Marinaro: