News: Blocked comes to Brighton Fringe

News: Blocked comes to Brighton Fringe

Pure Fluke Theatre bring their new production Blocked to the Brighton Fringe 2017.

We meet a comedienne at the top her game. Her audacious routine challenges women’s bovine desire to have children – she advocates abortion, because of overpopulation. A heckler exposes her as an unreliable narrator as she unwittingly reveals she has been trying for years.

She admits to the traumas of failed IVF treatment and the hurtful flippancy of the fertile world, and her tight comic act descends into a squirm-inducing meltdown, yet retains the high octane comedy till the bitter end. Dropped by her agent for her furious tirade, she ends up playing at low rent dives – but realises nobody is listening.

Blocked is a searing dissection of the dangerous functions of humour in a new play about the silence society imposes on the infertile and how one woman, despite achieving fame and success, cannot bear to not bear a child.

Blocked is written by Caroline Byrne, director by Scott Le Crass and stars Laura Curnick.


Blocked plays The Dukebox Theatre as part of Brighton Festival from 18 – 24 May. For more information or to book tickets, please see the website.