News: Cast Announced for Punts at Theatre503

News: Cast Announced for Punts at Theatre503

Drawn from Sarah Page’s interviews with sex workers, the cast of Punts at Theatre503 has been announced – Graham O’Mara, Florence Roberts, Christopher Adams and Clare Lawrence Moody.

Graham O’Mara, Florence Roberts, Christopher Adams, Clare Lawrence Moody

Jack, a young man with a learning disability, lives at home, cared for by his devoted parents. Like most men in their twenties, he has needs – his mates at the rugby club talk about nothing but getting laid, whilst Jack’s most erotic experience to date is the time he was winked at by the pretty cashier in Lloyds. Desperate for their son to not feel left out, his parents Alastair and Antonia decide that they should to bring in a professional. But Julia, the prostitute they hire, has a far more profound impact on the whole family than they could ever have imagined.

Punts explores love in all its complex and contradictory forms. It investigates the tensions of familial love, the excitement generated by erotic attachment, the jealousy of finding yourself loved less than another and the paradox of wanting to look after those you love while also wanting them to be free. Director Jessica Edwards comments:

“It’s rare to see the stories of sometimes marginalised or excluded groups like sex workers onstage. Equally, to see a character with a learning disability with an empowered and independent sexuality is regrettably unusual. Sarah has done both with warmth, generosity and humanity. It’s a privilege to be working with such a talented company on such an incisive, hilarious and important text.”


Punts plays Theatre503 from 31 May – 24 June. For more information or to book tickets, please see the website.


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