News: The Odyssey washes up on London Bridge shores

News: The Odyssey washes up on London Bridge shores

On the banks of the River Thames, in The Scoop sunken ampitheatre, London’s Free Open Air Theatre Season returns to its critically acclaimed classical roots with a reimagining of Homer’s Greek epic, The Odyssey.

As a four-hour, three-part story filled with monstrous creatures and battles of the high sea, each part can be enjoyed individually or as the whole of Odysseus’ journey. And there’s no need to book – just turn up and take a seat! There’s room for 1,000 people at every performance.

Part One: A GREAT BIG ANCIENT GREEK ADVENTURE (6.00pm) will excite explorers of all ages as our hero Odysseus sets off from Troy, yearning to return home. Suitable for all the family, this engaging first play will be jam-packed full of adventure as our hero battles both gods and monsters.

Part Two: THE POWER OF LOVE (7.30pm) is a play for the romantic at heart, as Odysseus and his crew are confronted by tempting sirens and passionate goddesses. Odysseus struggles to stay faithful to his wife, Penelope, whilst she is besieged by suitors at home. Can their love survive with the two kept so far apart and for so long?

Part Three: THE HOMECOMING (9.00pm) Odysseus must adapt to a changed world as he finally returns to face the perils of reclaiming his former kingdom and reuniting with his loved ones. This hauntingly beautiful final play is a celebration of home and family.


Staged as part of the London Bridge City Summer Festival, The Odyssey will be performed at The Scoop in a month-long free event for all ages on Wednesday – Sunday evenings from 9 August – 3 September. For more information, please visit the website.