News: A timely new play – How To Survive A Post Truth Apocalypse by Francesca Beard

News: A timely new play – How To Survive A Post Truth Apocalypse by Francesca Beard

Is the lead up to a general election really the best time to launch a show about lying? Or just blatant opportunism? Francesca Beard didn’t have a choice, the first dates for her new show – her first in almost 10 years were already booked and on sale when Theresa May snapped her fingers and called the election.

Vote Leave to release an extra £350 million a week for the NHS! Obama used GCHQ to tap Trump Towers! So sorry I’m late, traffic was a nightmare!

Lies, lies and damned lies – who needs statistics? In the past year lying has gone truly mainstream. Let’s be honest and tell the truth, we’ve all changed reality to suit ourselves in our lives and will do so again. How To Survive A Post-Truth Apocalypse looks at the ways we all, shall we say, ’stretch’ the truth. But if everyone lies at least some of the time, then how can we ever know what’s true, or what’s real?

From telling a loved one that you really like the birthday present they gave us, to cyclist Lance Armstrong denying using permanence enhancing drugs, politician’s spin and the current proliferation of fake news, lies are everywhere.

Mixing story-telling, verse, spoken word, (gentle) audience interaction and a game of “Whose Lie is it Anyway”, How to Survive a Post Truth Apocalypse is the new crossover theatre/spoken word show from London based poet Francesca Beard.

How to Survive a Post Truth Apocalypse is directed by Rob Watt and has a short preview tour in May taking in Colchester, Cambridge and London’s Roundhouse before undertaking a full UK tour later in the year and into 2018. Beard commented:

“I got to thinking about not knowing what is real and what is make-believe. I began to think of myself as a fictional character, perhaps trying to understand that the truth didn’t matter. Then, as I was developing the show over the past year, the world changed. “Post-Truth” has become the word of the moment and democracy appears to be melting into satire all around us.”


How To Survive A Post Truth Apocalypse previews from 24 – 31 May at various locations across the UK. For more information or to book tickets, please visit the website.