News: Cosmic Trigger comes to The Cockpit

News: Cosmic Trigger comes to The Cockpit

Love & Will Productions and The Cockpit announce the debut full run of Daisy Campbell’s adaptation of Robert Anton Wilson’s seminal countercultural text, Cosmic Trigger.

Turn On. Tune In. Find The Others. Set in the late sixties and early seventies, Cosmic Trigger recounts the period of Wilson’s life around the conception and writing of Illuminatus. During this time, he befriended heroes of counterculture, took LSD and experimented with the magical rituals of Aleister Crowley with predictably – and unpredictably – mind-blowing results.

Part sequel, part revisit, part homage, part new writing, Cosmic Trigger is the story behind the notorious conspiracy satire, Illuminatus!, the extraordinary life of the novel’s author, Robert Anton Wilson, and the unstoppable force that was theatre legend Ken Campbell. Daisy Campbell comments:

“Reading Cosmic Trigger changed my life and the lives of many others – and the book is dedicated to my dad! Wilson’s uniquely optimistic and radically agnostic philosophy is incredibly relevant in these crazy times. We are absolutely thrilled to be working with The Cockpit on this production. They are the perfect co-conspirators to help us bring the wit and wisdom of Robert Anton Wilson back to life.”

With many of the original cast returning and Alan Moore appearing via specially recorded audio and morphed video projections, Cosmic Trigger is a celebration of all that has gone before it as well as a vital venture in its own right. Projections in the round; phantasmagorical multiple narratives; a different actor performing as William Burroughs every night, the show is designed to evoke the real-life hallucinogenic trip through conspiracy, paranoia and enlightenment that transformed Robert Anton Wilson from ‘Playboy’ editor to much-loved counter-cultural icon. Dave Wybrow, Artistic Director of the Cockpit commented:

“We are putting together a venue, a tribe and new ways of networking and creating work. It’s about joining low tech to hi tech, low culture to high culture and low budgets to high levels of audience reach and social impact. This first venture looks at counter-cultural legacy. But the vision is an open artistic community for the future.”


Cosmic Trigger plays The Cockpit from 4 – 27 May. For more information or to book tickets, please visit the website.