News: I Know You Of Old – a reimagining of Much Ado…

News: I Know You Of Old – a reimagining of Much Ado…

Theatre company GOLEM! returns to the Hope Theatre with I Know You Of Old, a reorchestration by David Fairs of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.

Hero is dead.

The night before the funeral, the strange circumstances of her death hang in the air – are the rumours about Hero to be trusted? At her coffin, the eye of the storm, her fiancé Claudio is wracked with grief and guilt. When Hero’s sharp-tongued cousin Beatrice arrives, closely followed by notorious playboy Benedick, Claudio sees a way to atone for former wrongs and do one last thing for Hero – he will bring this prickly pair together. But extreme emotional circumstances can make you act in peculiar ways. What might you do to ease the pain? Would you abandon yourself to recklessness? Could you laugh through the tears?


After their 2016 Hope Theatre success Macbeths, GOLEM! returns with another reimagined and repurposed Shakespeare adaptation, shedding new light on a story you might think you already know.

Using only Shakespeare’s original text, David Fairs re-orchestrates Much Ado About Nothing into a new, alternative dark comedy: I Know You Of Old. Join the legendary Benedick and Beatrice as they stalk the midnight shadows of this secluded chapel – their battles of wit are as sparkling as ever, but is there a darkness at the heart of the Merry War…?


GOLEM!’s aim is to push the boundaries of adaptation to see how far we can stretch an original text. Can we use only the original text but tell a different story?

Directed by Anna Marsland, I Know You Of Old  stars Conor O’Kane, David Fairs and Sarah Lambie.


I Know You Of Old plays The Hope Theatre on 13 June – 1 July. For more information or to book tickets, please visit the website.


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