News: Full Circle comes back around to London in May

News: Full Circle comes back around to London in May

After a critically acclaimed run at the Arts Theatre in 2015, Madelaine Cunningham’s Full Circle plays London again at Theatre N16 this May.

Four of the most notorious women in Greek mythology – Phaedra, Helen, Medea, and Clytemnestra – have been removed from the blood-stained pages of their tragedies and brought together for the first time. They fight for their salvation in a detention-esque purgatory, cutting to the core of gender politics, asking what it means to be a mother, a sister, a wife, a woman.

Full Circle was written by Madelaine Cunningham, who is also playing Clytemnestra and first performed in her native South Africa. It is produced by Black Sheep Productions – formed in 2016, it is run by a “girl gang of creatives” under Aileen Gonsalves, who is now an associate director at the RSC. They formed a company with the purpose of producing important, thrilling and bold stories through theatre and film, and work mainly with new writing.

Theatre N16 is a trailblazing theatre company, dedicated to creating a creative hub where new and existing works can be explored and pushed into new realms. Theatre N16 is proud of their commitment to thewelfare of creatives, operating under an Equity Fringe Agreement. This promoting and nurturing of talent means that Theatre N16 is a bastion for development within the context of a society in which the arts are increasingly struggling to stay afloat.


Full Circle plays Theatre N16 on 9 – 11 and 21 – 24 May. For more information or to book tickets, please visit the website.