News: Audacity Theatre launches IndiGogo campaign for Crack Cocaine

News: Audacity Theatre launches IndiGogo campaign for Crack Cocaine

New theatre company, Audacity Theatre, has launched its IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for a 2-week development of its latest production, Crack Cocaine.

I’m Patrick Tolan, the Artistic Director at Audacity Theatre Company and I’m here to ask you for help supporting Crack Cocaine, a brand new verbatim theatre piece about betting shops and gambling addiction.

Over the last year, Tolan and Audacity Theatre have been writing and researching their latest production, Crack Cocaine, which looks at the impact of a new form of gambling offered in betting shops on UK high streets. Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) are high speed, high stakes gaming machines, where you can stake up to £100 every 20 seconds. This is a new form of addiction that campaigners are lobbying Parliament to enforce tighter controls and regulations around, especially as it brought in £438 million in taxes last financial year.

Tolan and Audacity Theatre held a one day R&D session in December 2016 and are now planning a two-week follow-up at Southwark Playhouse in May. There are two main aims for the session:

  • Production development, working with designer Max Johns, choreographer Gareth Taylor, director Hal Chambers, sound designer Joe Walker and composer Jim Hustwit, to craft a theatrical experience rather than just showing a stage documentary.
  • Generate further interest with producers, theatre programmers with the plan get this play to a fully produced 4-week London theatre run, followed by an extensive national tour

Audacity Theatre Company is dedicated to bringing about social change from theatre that tells stories from under-represented voices in society.

For more information about Audacity Theatre Company, please visit the website. For  more information about Crack Cocaine and to contribute, please visit the fundraising page.