News: Torn Apart (Dissolution) transfer to The Hope Theatre in July

News: Torn Apart (Dissolution) transfer to The Hope Theatre in July

Writer/ director BJ McNeill brings Torn Apart (Dissolution) to The Hope Theatre with No Offence Theatre in July.

This is a love story. A love story set in three different times and three different bedrooms…

West Germany, Bremen, the early 1980s. The universities and cafés are full of young people who escaped from the East, the bars are full of American soldiers. Alina, a Polish literature student, bumps into one of them.

London, 1999. The turn of the century. Elliott, a young chef is dating Casey, an Australian backpacker. Whilst eating Indian food and listening to RHCP, Elliott talks to Casey about his orphanage and his love for her. She listens knowing that, sooner or later, her Visa will run out.

London, now. Holly married a perfect man, had a child and achieved her white picket fence fantasy but this is in the past now, for she has fallen in love with Erica, and she will do anything to rationalise her feelings.

“I fell in love once. With the wrong woman”

Torn Apart (Dissolution) puts women centre stage and deals with issues such as feminism, immigration, male repression, fate, homosexuality, but above all it explores the most painful aspects of human conditioning.

The cast includes previous performers Nastazja Somers, Elliott Rogers, Christina Baston, Sarah Hastings and Monty Leigh, as well as new addition Charlie Allen.

Torn Apart (Dissolution) plays The Hope Theatre from 4 – 22 July. For information and to book tickets, please see the website.