News: The Macbeths host a dinner party to reimagine Shakespeare

News: The Macbeths host a dinner party to reimagine Shakespeare

Ferodo Bridges CIC brings an immersive dinner party version of Macbeth to The Pleasance in April.

The Macbeths are hosting a dinner party. There will be food, drinks and karaoke. Because enjoying yourself is always important, and entertainment is at the heart of every tragedy. But someone always has to pay in the end.

Comedy, tragedy, 80ʼs disco music, wine and a lot of food will mix together as the dead are leaving the stage and joining the auditorium. Set as an immersive dinner party with karaoke, this new take on Shakespeareʼs classic tragedy is exploring how we consume violence as spectators and the limitations of empathy.

Produced by Ferodo Bridges CIC, this theatrical retelling of the story of Macbeth was created through new writing and devised work from an international group of artists. The play brings the audience face to face with its consumer/ viewer habits, their desensitisation to violence and their perceived role as an observer in the theatre space. All that while an immersive set is placing them around a dinner table with food, drinks and live karaoke bringing back the ʻ80s pop culture of individualism and amorality that seems even more pertinent today.

Ferodo Bridges CIC was founded in 2012 by a diverse group of international artists who trained, live and work in the UK. It aims to jolt audiences out of their passivity through an interactive approach to performance while exploring issues of desensitisation and the semiotics of popular culture and media.

The Macbeths plays The Pleasance from 18 – 30 April. For more information and to book tickets, see the website.