News: And That’s Another Story Festival

News: And That’s Another Story Festival

Throughout May, Omnibus delves into the world of stories and the ways in which we tell them with And That’s Another Story, a festival of storytelling in South London.

Taking inspiration from Omnibus’ very own literary heritage, Clapham’s former (built in 1889) library for 125 years, And that’s Another Story is a month-long mix of theatre, family theatre, comedy, panels and talks. With true stories and fictional tales, from characters that have captured generations to entirely new adventures, the line-up is a celebration of words on pages, actors on stages and everything else inbetween. Marie McCarthy, Omnibus’ artistic director adds:

“Stories are in the bones of our old library home, and so we’re bringing in the summer with a whole month of diverse theatre that captures the magic and mayhem of stories.”


Highlights during the month include award-winning staged adaptations inspired by literary greats, such as We Are Brontë. Produced by Publick Transport, two would-be performers give an over-ambitious attempt to present a physical interpretation of the Brontë myth without having done the proper research. Taking the real and fictitious worlds of Yorkshire’s literary siblings as their inspiration, these two performers combine rigorous physical theatre with anarchic comedy.


Lucy, Lucy and Lucy Barfield is about the real-life Lucy who inspired the little girl in C. S. Lewis’ Narnia books. A sell-out at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe, Lucy Grace is obsessed with the Narnia books and discovers that Lewis has dedicated his novel The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to the real Lucy – his god-daughter, Lucy Barfield. Grace decides to track her down and this is a very personal and poignant tale of her quest.


Brand new comedy project, Bookish, by award-winning performers Laura Mugridge and Tom Adams, is a blend of live original music, a quiz and the stories of what happened when Tom and Laura tried to research books. Prepare to hear tales of taxidermy, Torville and Dean, find out about stately home ghosts, be reminded of how much cucumber was involved in cookery in the 80s or hear a kazoo rendition of an eighties ballad.




Led by McCarthy, Omnibus theatre in Clapham, South London, offers a vibrant programme of theatre, music and visual arts. Inspired by the building’s literary heritage, the Omnibus programme focuses on retelling classic tales with a contemporary twist and is committed to combining art forms to discover new artistic vocabularies and providing vital support for emerging artists to create new work within the building.


And That’s Another Story plays Omnibus from 3 – 25 May. For more information and to book tickets, please see the website.


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