News: The World Premiere of The Mutant Man

News: The World Premiere of The Mutant Man

Christopher Bryant writes a world premiere, The Mutant Man, which plays at The Space this spring.

Strange. This particular road is usually brimming with life: men, women and children hurrying about their business. You are thankful, though. Had the road been full, they would have stared at you. You don’t know them, but oh do they know you.

Directed by Heather Fairbairn, The Mutant Man tells the story of Harry Crawford as he stands trial for the murder of his wife. The trial is a farce: the case is filled with false witnesses and Harry’s gender dysphoria is blasted across the newspapers. As the trial continues, the tragic events making up Harry’s life come to light.

Christopher Bryant’s multi-award nominated script embraces ambiguity and invites discourse about the non-binary nature of gender. The Mutant Man questions our understanding of gender, and even though the events in the play took place about a hundred years ago, in our current political climate Harry Crawford’s story feels more urgent than ever.

Clementine Mills plays Harry, with Matthew Coulton playing Eugenie.

The Mutant Man plays The Space Arts Centre until 8 April. For more information and to book tickets, visit the website.