News: ONEOHONE returns to London

News: ONEOHONE returns to London

After creating a splash on the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringes, including winning the FringeGuru Editor’s Choice Award and being nominated for ‘Most Groundbreaking Act’ by Latest 7 Magazine, ONEOHONE returns to London with a mix of old and new scenarios.

In 101, a small audience is directly involved in an interactive performance grounded in the fundamental values of traditional and classical storytelling. Guided by the cast using a mixture of suggestion technique, physical theatre and improvisation, every audience member is personally involved in the performance.

There are 5 separate performances: Know Me (…at my worst to know me at my best. The others have two faces / I place myself in your hands / Peel away my skin); Find Me (…under the moon; chase me laughing through the trees. Keep true, love); Save Me (…from the dark; innocence crumbles. You are my teacher); Trust Me (…and only me; you face betrayal. Mark me, and stay close); Bind Me (…so we’ll never break apart; don’t break the circle. I’ll never let you go).

ONEOHONE Theatre Company is a performing arts group founded in 2009 to develop new, accessible and democratic approaches to theatre.


101 plays Theatre N16 on 4 – 8 April. For more information and to book tickets, visit the website.