News: Spring Offensive to open at Clapham Omnibus

News: Spring Offensive to open at Clapham Omnibus

Omnibus Associate Writer, Victoria Willing, brings Spring Offensive, a wry look at the First World War Tourism industry, to Clapham Omnibus in April 2017.

Welcome to the best Bed & Breakfast on the Somme… Expat April runs a quality establishment on the site of some of the bloodiest battles of the First World War. Death surrounds it. And sheep, lots of sheep. There’s dinner to be served and history to pay tribute to. The guests are coming, the sheep are closing in. The table is set for an evening they’ll all remember.

Spring Offensive takes a wry look at the First World War Tourism industry and those making a buck from it. The soldiers’ DNA still lies in the soil, which to this day spews out shells and shrapnel. It plays from 18 – 30 April at Clapham Omnibus, a theatre housed in an old Victorian library in South London.  Inspired by the building’s literary heritage, Omnibus provides vital support for emerging artists to create new work within the building.

Inspired by her trips to the WW1 sites dotted across the Western Front, writer Victoria Willing was struck by the atmosphere and sparseness of the countryside, and how one hundred years had not been long enough to cover up the nightmare of total warfare. She felt moved to write about the legacy of war through a character-driven narrative, which in the aftermath of some of the more traditional commemorations of the centenary of WW1, seeks to tell the story of a pivotal moment in history in a different way.

Director (and Artistic Director of Omnibus) Marie McCarthy casts Terri Ann Brumby, Maggie Daniels and Tony Turner as the stars in the production, with Linbury Prize Winner Grace Smart providing set design.


Spring Offensive plays Clapham Omnibus from 18 – 30 April . For more information and to book tickets, visit the website.