News: Heads Up comes to Battersea Arts Centre

News: Heads Up comes to Battersea Arts Centre

Heads Up continues its UK tour with a set of London performances at Battersea Arts Centre.

Following a solid sell-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe, Kieran Hurley, the multi-award winning theatre-maker, brings his depiction of the life of a city at the brink of an apocalypse to theatre throughout the UK.

This compelling new performance written and performed by Hurley (Beats, Chalk Farm, Hitch) and co-directed by Alex Swift (Caroline Horton’s Mess) and Julia Taudevin (Blow Off, Chalk Farm) weaves a picture of a familiar city at its moment of destruction, asking what we would do if we found ourselves at the end of our world as we know it. The performance intertwines the stories of starkly different modern lives: a teenage girl who boils up in rage in a toilet cubicle; a finance worker who preaches doom in a busy train station; an absurd coke-addled celebrity who races through town on a mission and a paranoid stoner who stares blankly at the endless disasters on the TV news. In just one moment all their worlds will end. Hurley said of his latest production:

Heads Up is about living in a world built on disaster. It’s about how we make sense of our lives in the context of global catastrophe; economic, environmental and humanitarian. It’s difficult to say what the impulse behind making it is, beyond needing to deal with the feeling of incredible anxiety I sometimes have when reading the news. There are some jokes too though, don’t worry. It bears a clear relationship to some of my previous work if you liked that, but it’s also unlike anything I’ve made before. I’m trying out some entirely new approaches as a performer, through a really innovative sound design by Michael John McCarthy which I’ll be controlling and operating from the stage.”


Heads Up tours the UK until 8 June 2017. For more information and to book tickets, visit the website. Photograph courtesy of Niall Walker.