News: COLAB Theatre Presents Egyptian Extravaganza

News: COLAB Theatre Presents Egyptian Extravaganza

COLAB Theatre bring a new immersive, cabaret-inspired theatre performance, Egyptian Extravaganza, to a temporary warehouse London location.

What happens when you disturb the tomb of a notorious pharaoh? Travel back in time to 1920s Egypt, where King Tut engages archaeologists in a battle of wit and witticisms over what is the ‘real’ Egypt. In this immersive cabaret-esque show, the audience are invited to participate in a comical argument set between King Tut and the archaeologists who discovered his tomb while they encounter and explore real accounts (and not so real) from 1920s-50s Egypt.

Egyptian Extravaganza explores the concepts of cultural appropriation and its supposed antithesis – authenticity. The show is designed to use iconic imagery and specific histories to create a narrative that explores these famous characters, whilst also challenging how the West portrays and romanticises Egypt.

COLAB is an Immersive Theatre company who strive to create unforgettable experiences by making completely new worlds designed to tell a story. Utilising buildings and locations around London and the UK, COLAB bring the untapped world around us alive using old, new and borrowed stories they enable their audience to engage in stories as much or as little as they wish and take audiences back, forward and sideways in time by creating interactive experiences that people can live in.


Egyptian Extravaganza plays The CoLab Factory from 10  – 13 May 2017. For more information and to book tickets, visit the website.