News: Theatre Counterpoint presents Am I Pretty?

News: Theatre Counterpoint presents Am I Pretty?

Theatre Counterpoint present their latest work, Am I Pretty? at Camden People’s Theatre in April 2017.

Is cosmetic surgery moral, an art form, a marvel of modern science, a harmless contrivance of the rich and vein? Or is it something more insidious that is changing our culture, how we think, feel, and talk about our bodies?

Theatre Counterpoint brings its latest work to Camden People’s Theatre from 6 – 8 April 2017. Am I Pretty? is an original devised performance which examines current issues around the self, body image, and cosmetic surgery. The performers play with rhythm, movement, and sounds to create a sense of musicality and delve into the important question:

“What do we want to see when we look at ourselves and what lengths will we go to achieve it?”

 The show uses the structure of a jazz composition as a skeleton – “All The Things You Are”  combines improvisation and flexibility with a definitive chord progression and subtle modulations, in order to provide multiple angles for interpretation.

The concept is right at the heart of Theatre Counterpoint. As a London-based collective of international performing artists from the UK, Taiwan, Bulgaria and Slovenia, they make devised theatre that utilises musical structures and principles to inform their original pieces.

Am I Pretty? plays Camden People’s Theatre from 6 – 8 April 2017. For more information and to book tickets, visit the website.


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