News: Barred Freedom comes to The Cockpit

News: Barred Freedom comes to The Cockpit

Barred Freedom gives its debut performance at The Cockpit in March 2017.

Set in a prison in the 1970s, the penal system is in crisis – over-crowded and understaffed, with a riot in one wing of the prison and a plot to escape in the other. Wentworth is a first time criminal sharing a cell with young ‘old hand’ Dawson. While under the watch of the guard, Deacon, they distract themselves with language until Dawson reveals a plan that, if successful, could lead to their escape.

Written as gender neutral, MBHawes Productions Ltd presents its debut show Barred Freedom with two different casts and two different genders. Half of the performances will feature an all-female cast, the other half all-male. Two directors will present their interpretation of Eugene Ambrose’s script and highlight the differences, or similarities, seen in behaviour regarding gender and social environment.


Barred Freedom plays The Cockpit from 20 – 25 March 2017. For more information and to book tickets, visit the website.