News: Alice’s Adventures Underground Returns To The Vaults

News: Alice’s Adventures Underground Returns To The Vaults

Following sell-out performances in 2015, over 100,000 visitors and an Olivier Award nomination for Best Entertainment and Family show, Alice’s Adventures Underground will return for a limited season later this year.

alices-adventures-underground-mark-stevenson-white-rabbit-grace-carter-march-hare-and-hayden-wood-hatter-photo-by-jason-joyce-1Originally devised in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s classic novel, the award-winning partnership of Les Enfants Terribles and ebp joins forces once again to bring this multi-sensory, immersive experience back to London from 15 April – 23 September. As an added bonus, under 26s will be able to purchase tickets for just £25 each, with remaining ticket prices ranging from £39 – £71.50.


For those that missed its first production run, Alice’s Adventures Underground invites its audience deep into The Vaults underneath Waterloo station, tumbling down the rabbit hole into a fusion of storytelling, music and circus. Each member must choose – Eat or Drink? Grow or Shrink? Hearts or Spades, or even Diamonds or Clubs? Each decision presents a different route through this mystical subterranean universe, from sharing tea with the Mad Hatter to being put on trial by the fearsome Queen herself.

Co-writer Oliver Lansley comments, “It’s very rare you get the opportunity to revisit a piece like this. Alice 2.0 is bigger, bolder and even more ambitious. New characters, effects, huge new set pieces, and exciting new layers added to the script. You really will be at the heart of the adventure!”

Alice’s Adventures Underground  plays at The Vaults Theatre from 15 April – 23 September 2017. For more information and to book tickets, visit the website.


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