News: StoneCrabs Theatre launches festival Kickstarter campaign

News: StoneCrabs Theatre launches festival Kickstarter campaign

StoneCrabs Theatre has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its 2017 Stomping Ground Festival.

Every year London theatre company StoneCrabs, at the same time as staging world-class productions, dedicates itself to nurturing the creative and professional development of nine emerging directors.

StoneCrabs: nurturing the next generation of theatre makers

Back for another year, London’s theatre festival, Stomping Ground, will showcase the work of some of the country’s most talented up and coming directors. Presenting at The Albany, Deptford in 15-17 March 2017, the festival will see the outcome of 6 months of training, mentoring and collaboration between the young directors pushing new boundaries and making waves in the theatre scene today.

Stomping Ground: an eclectic mix from around the world

The plays will cover a diverse range of subjects. such as racism in the UK, refugee issues, psychosis and disillusioned youth. They reinterpret the work of international writers and challenge preconceptions of human intimacy in relationships, the highlight of which is the world premiere  of a new Brazilian play.

Each director reveals their bold, original voice through the power of comedy, drama and romance. Stomping Ground will tell stories to engage everyone, locally and across the country, industry members and non-theatregoers alike.

Kickstarter: bringing this new festival to life

StoneCrabs  are looking for aid to bring this festival of new ideas and voices to life. The money pledged will help to pay the 20 actors, sound, lighting and set designers involved in the festival, vital rehearsal space and equipment, and a live captioning facility that will make the festival accessible to all.

Follow the link to donate to the Stomping Ground Festival 2017 – open until 21 December 2016