Feature: Theatre Madness Festival 2016 (Part 2)

Feature: Theatre Madness Festival 2016 (Part 2)

The first feature on FAITH Drama Productions focused on the build-up to its 10 year anniversary and 3rd Theatre Madness Festival. Now that the celebrations are over, how were the shows and who won the prizes?

10 years on since FAITH Drama Productions was established, the 3rd Theatre Madness Festival took place on Saturday 10 September at Stratford Circus Arts Centre. 4 writer-directors presented their 10 minute plays, each using the same 5 actors and based on a secret word given to them just 4 weeks previously. £2,000 and a fully commissioned play (produced by FAITH Drama) were at stake. The audience got to vote, the judges got to make a decision. The question is, who won?

Having been lucky enough to sit through some of the rehearsal process, I was able to see and review the finished plays. First of all, I made some secret words guesses during my observations in rehearsals – I’ll listed them again below and reveal the actual secret words given to each writer-director:

  • Darrel Draper:
    • My guesses – Hazard; Aftermath; Service; Detention; Childhood; Youth
    • Secret word – Party
  • Megan Fellows:
    • My guesses – Housing; Protest; Community; Change; Council; Eviction
    • Secret word – Tomorrow
  • Isaac Tomiczek:
    • My guesses – Fabric; Hero; Music; Beats; Soul; Faith
    • Secret word – Faith
  • Kerri McLean:
    • My guesses – Medication; Paranoia; Injustice; Revolution; Retaliation; Crisis
    • Secret word – Black

One right, not too bad… In between the performances, the audience was treated to an incredible spoken word reading by artistic director Gbemi Ikumelo, a street dance performance from Rebirth Dance Network a set of some short films by Alexia Amissah-Larbi and the smooth compere stylings of  David Ajao.

But who won? The audience voted, the judges voted and both were unanimous – Kerri McLean was the winner on the night. Special judging mention went to Megan Fellows and the audience voted Isaac Tomiczek in a strong second place.

So on to my reviews of the plays. I thought I would do them the justice of separate postings, a very strong set of works from 4 talented emerging writer-directors.  Here is to the next festival and the next 10 years for FAITH Drama – see links to my reviews below:

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