Review: The Lost And Found

Review: The Lost And Found

Party complete, only the aftermath left. William Frazer, Veronica Lewis and Mark Ota are responsible for the clear-up as part of their community service – 3 renegades from very different backgrounds. All have less than perfect relationships with family, a trait that their supervisor Charlotte Chinn shares. Full of rage and anger, soon to be single mother Chinn insists on discipline and a heavy hand until she becomes vulnerable and reliant on her workforce. In this instance, the group become their own awkward, dysfunctional family unit, yet one that each secretly craves to replace the broken home reality has thrust upon them. The Lost and Found briefly examines the need to belong, to be loved and to be part of something bigger.

Darrel Draper’s writing is down to earth, using superficial commentary to subtly explore more deep-rooted issues. Frazer best reflects the interpretation of this in his characterisation – as the joker of the group, his extroverted and over the top performance still presents dimension and depth. But once again, it is Veronica Lewis that steals the show through her non-verbal actions. With a look, an eye roll and a mocking gesture, she understands her character’s background, the naturally rebellious tendencies that left her with community service in the first place.

Whilst a well-contained 10-minute piece suitable for the festival, Draper doesn’t quite convey a powerful enough concept through his realisation. It is clear that these individuals are united through a common sense of feeling lost, but the event that joins them together could be more intense. Rather than simply a minor baby scare, something with more gravitas and magnitude would better cement their sense of unity thrust them together with a more powerful tie. As it is, the ending doesn’t feel quite resolved.

Writer-Director: Darrel Draper

Producer: Faith Drama Productions as part of Theatre Madness Festival 2016

Cast: Charlotte Chinn, William Frazer, Veronica Lewis, Mark Ota, Luke Wilson

Festival on 10 September 2016


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