Review: Baptasia

Review: Baptasia

Faith in an ideal, a message and a cause is all that matters here. Isaac Tomiczek’s Baptasia is a commentary on the loss of creativity in society. If it doesn’t have commercial value then it isn’t worth anything. But the concept is the key, the need to create and express. These are the desires that a younger generation explore and express through the world around them – in music, in lyrics and words, in art and dance. The ones that don’t understand, the ones that hold the purse strings, assume this is a rebellion. But this is breaking boundaries, testing limits, discovering possibilities.

Tomiczek’s message here carries the topical undertone that a London institution, Fabric, is to be closed down – it isn’t a good use of limited space, it breeds a generation of drug takers and do-nothings. In order to recapture the essence of the past, “the mike”, Veronica Lewis has to prove she is worthy of its old school legendary status. William Frazer is the modern day man bent on wrenching it from her grasp, the others the judges in this competition to find if one is more deserving. A modern day talent competition that points an ironic finger at an attempt to compartmentalise talent, streamline it into popular culture and remove alternative taste.

Tomiczek’s concept is powerful, but his script is found wanting. An absurdist style that connects on a base level with its audience, there isn’t sufficient character development, background or understanding of theatrical limitations to prove an effective use of 10 minutes. The message screams across, a clear-cut visualisation of Tomiczek’s passion and energy. The actors themselves feel this, in particular Luke Wilson who spits the rap with a well practices rhythm. Ultimately though this play has no climax, it doesn’t go anywhere. The build-up continues to the end of the show with no outlet for the energy that has been culminating on stage.

Writer-Director: Isaac Tomiczek

Producer: Faith Drama Productions as part of Theatre Madness Festival 2016

Cast: Charlotte Chinn, William Frazer, Veronica Lewis, Mark Ota, Luke Wilson

Festival on 10 September 2016


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