TRH Review: Get A Round

TRH Review: Get A Round

Originally published on The Reviews Hub

Awarded 3 1/2 stars – Lethal

“Tonight can only happen tonight!” is exactly the kind of pep-talk that often kicks off a big night out. Of course, those kind of nights more than often descend into chaos, a heady mixture of Jagerbombs and crisps (carbohydrates are important after all); “I guess we all just say stuff”, wise words from Sara Cocker as she deftly drops a microphone into the bucket to catch Lowri Evans’ drunken (if slightly politically charged) ranting.

Reverse an hour to the beginning of Eggs Collective Get A Round and the audience engages wholeheartedly in the pre-drinking ritual with the three dolled up ladies. Golden sequinned dresses, deep eye shadow and legs that go on for miles, that’s Lowri, Sara and Léonie Higgins as they hand out shots to the incoming audience. Apple Sours are happily consumed while questionable looking Advocaat is left to one side – that’s the pre-drink for when all other drinks are finished off. The music is pumping (Simply Red and Shirley Bassey covering P!nk make a heavy appearance) and the atmosphere is buzzing, especially when the ladies shout out “Open or Closed!” and run around filling up all shot glasses with value white wine. Feel good times, that’s what this play is all about.

Known as the Eggs Collective, Cocker, Evans and Higger have an immediate chemistry that brings the show together. Effectively recounting all of the typical things that can happen on a massive night out isn’t immediately enticing as an hour-long play, indeed there are points at which the dance routines or the drunken ramblings go on for too long in an effort to eke out a few more minutes. On the whole though, Get A Round is a wonderful way to relive lost youth, remember times out with friends and appreciate how much fun being stupid and drunk and idiotic can be. The connection, the bond that holds these three performers together comes across in spades. Yet each brings their own individual talents into the mix which culminate in being greater than on their own. Cocker is the northern soul of the group, up for a laugh and a winner with a rambling story. Evans is the physical actor, dancing and vomiting her night away but not to be overshadowed verbally by Cocker – she gets political when drunk. Higgins is the singer, she brings ‘the vibe’ and the easy-going patter with the audience.

Toilet roll; spray guns; lipstick smudge. Crisps; vomit; butterfly face paint. Elbows; Karaoke Bradshaw; Von Trapper. Three golden rules, three golden ladies, emphatic hugs all round.

Director: Léonie Higgins, Lowri Evans, Sara Cocker
Reviewer: Daniel Perks

Runs until 14 May 2016