Someone hired me!

Sorry it’s been so long readers, unfortunately that ridiculous thing called life gets in the way sometimes!
But I’m BACK. And what’s more, I’m a published critic!!

I know what you’re thinking, yes I was surprised that someone thought I was a half decent writer as well. I’ve always had the gift of the gab (getting me to shut up is sometimes difficult, ask my friends). But apparently I’m not bad at this writing thing either… If you think I’m rubbish by the way, don’t tell me. In this case no news is definitely good news.

So who do I write for? Well at the moment I have had my reviews published by London Box Office – they specialise in ticket offers and deals to customers for many of London’s most popular shows (a little publicity for them there). I am also going to a play tomorrow to review for Theatre & Performance, an online magazine and performance guide. But who knows, maybe it’ll be Time Out, The Stage or What’s On Stage to follow? OK, maybe a bit more practice first… Watch this space!


One thought on “Someone hired me!

  1. Always a pleasure to read your reviews- I’m often looking for good entertainments in London and following you brings me lots of ideas- Keep on, Lisa


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