Tell me what you want, what you REALLY REALLY want!

Right now, I want chocolate cake. What can I say, I’ve got a craving!

Anyway, earlier today I was buying birthday cards for some of my friends (yes I do have them, thank you very much!) and got to thinking about the last musical a group of us went to see all together. 3 of my nearest and dearest have this pact where for each of our respective birthdays the other 3 buy the lucky recipient tickets to a West End Show. We know each other pretty well and we talk A LOT about shows, so we all know which is the perfect choice for everyone. In case you haven’t guessed by the title, this time we went to see Viva Forever! at the Piccadilly Theatre. Now I love this theatre, great location but not one of the most well known ones, good size so you could put all kinds of production on there without anything getting lost in translation. But I’ve seen some RUBBISH shows there – oooh which ones do I mean? Well you’ll have to read more of my blog entries and maybe I’ll tell you 😛

This show though was definitely what I would call an amazing bad show.

It was cheesy, the storyline was NAF and the song 2 become 1 was the MOST awkward thing musicals have seen (although I’ve heard Kerry Katona is going to be Marilyn, so I could easily stand corrected fairly soon). But it was beautifully tongue-in-cheek and funny – of course it was, written by Jennifer Saunders and produced by Julie Kramer so that’s basically a given! And of course, how can I say anything about this show without giving appropriate tribute to the BIGGEST SELLING GIRL GROUP OF ALL TIME and their EPIC songs! Don’t get me wrong, the Spice Girls’ songs are a new level of cheese 90’s music, but that’s my era and MY KIND OF MUSIC 😉

I feel I’ve gone too far on capitals, so I shall calm down slightly…. The icing on this cake was that I went with 3 of my best friends and we just happened to book tickets to the closing night, so we got treated to an audience of Mel C and Emma Bunton too :O The cast performed the comedy well (we all laughed A LOT at the character who put a hashtag after every comment and Googled everything people said) but the singing wasn’t really up to par if truth be told. The thing was though, none of that mattered at the time. It was closing night, the place was packed with Spice Girls fans and 2 Spice Girls singing along to Spice Girls songs in a musical format; it was basically the metaphorical lovechild of Gay Pride and British bulldog spirit (and poetically, we happened to see this as London Gay Pride 2013 was in full swing all around the theatre). All in all, a memorable experience indeed!

Of course we had to get T-shirts to mark the occasion (birthday girl’s on the left). #charliesangelsbeware #casualmojitos #awkwardwhentshirtsmatch #toomuchhashtagging

Word of the day to finish us off (naughty!) – serotinal (pertaining to late summer). How appropriate, I Googled and I Googled that one!