Culture! And also Tudors

Hello! Look Mum, I’m keeping my pledge! ‘punches air in victorious motion’
Not only am I keeping my pledge, I’m actually writing this on the day of the event happening. Trust me, I’m very happy about this. But now I should probably actually talk about the event in question.

A friend visited from Edinburgh (also a very cultural place, I should definitely blog about that. The Fringe is already a must visit event on my cultural list, so I’ll probably wait until I’ve actually been to blog about it). Back to the story.
She was down for the weekend so we decided to go and visit Hampton Court Palace, a museum tribute to arguably the most memorable of the Tudor monarchs, Henry VIII. Many reasons for this, mainly that we got half price tickets and none of us had been before. So culturally astute I know. We packed a picnic and enjoyed it in the grounds beforehand.


The palace itself was (predictably) a beautiful monument to the Tudor era – wood panels, high ceilings in the great hall with exposed beams and rich yet dramatic velvet curtains adorning four poster beds. Ostentious but not overly so. Also were the typical portraits of the various upper class men and women of that period lining the walls – why do they all look 1) so serious and 2) so drab? I’m hoping the latter can be put down to photo bleaching but who knows?! A friend (who shall remain nameless) remarked that all the women’s faces looked the same, all like a little boy. Creepy, but oh so true!
A great part to this though was the history. Now as my tag line says, I’m a scientist and as happy to drop history ASAP at school. But learning about Henry and his crazy life was very interesting indeed! Also tied in very nicely with the recent ending of The White Queen on TV – again not one for period drama but this was very addictive!


We also explored the gardens in more detail, did you know that they are home to the oldest maze as attributed by Guinness World Records?! Fact of the day for you there. Win for education! Either way, a beautiful view on such a sunny day. Thanks friends!