My new pledge


So I haven’t really done anything with this blog since I set up. Sorry!! I got swept up into the world of Yelp, which side point is a FAB website where you can post reviews about restaurants, museums, whatever you want. And I do love to share my opinion on a website 🙂

But because I got too OTT with Yelping, I completely neglected this super exciting blog I’m about to start. So I now make a pledge. My pledge is this:
I will post something new on here at least thrice (what a word!) a week, preferably about a new place I’ve been to, a new show I’ve seen or exhibition I’ve enjoyed. If however I have been too boring that week to do anything worth posting, I will review something I have enjoyed in the past.
Now, I hear you say, what if you’ve had a very uninteresting past and can’t tell us anything? That is a very good point, so I will assuage your feelings of insecurity with this photo.


This photo is of the various tickets, programmes and keep-sakes that I’ve collected over the last few years of loving the theatre, gigs, museums and concerts. And I LOVE ALL THESE THINGS, so have been to a fair few 😉
At least you now know that I have something worth writing about if my week is a little boring 😀

Also, word of the day – bulbous. Reminds me of Pokemon


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