First post!

Well, here we go. My first post. Should it say something memorable, witty or philosophical? Probably, but right now everything remotely clever has completely left me, what with all this pressure. Let’s hope future posts are filled with something less dry!

Anyway, I’ve started this blog to document my adventures into London’s cultural scene. I’ve lived here for 2 years now and spend most of my free time going to plays, musicals, gigs, art galleries or exploring restaurants and bars in different parts of this amazing place. I have a suitcase full of ticket stubs and programmes for me to remember everything. Now I really need this suitcase back empty, so it’s time for it to go online instead! Expect new posts on the latest shows, bars, museum exhibits I go and see, peppered appropriately with some previous excursions as I rummage through my suitcase of memories to pick out tantalising tidbits for your delectation. Mmmm…


Side point, word of the day – ablutions. Nothing to do with anything, but I do like to educate/